Frequently asked questions. Everything you need to know about Goldentrader.


GOLDENTRADER enables its users to utilize the social trading services, which are the most recent evolution of online trading and its potential is growing day by day. By adding the social element to online trading, GOLDENTRADER is able to offer its users with a unique opportunity to either share their professional knowledge with the followers or to help the followers make smarter investment trading decisions and increase the value of their portfolio and gain better understanding of trading strategy of professional traders.

How the service works?

Powered by the latest technological inventions, GOLDENTRADER is able to bring together a refine knowledge and experience of professional traders and/or their automated trading systems (“Signal Providers”) into the sophisticated system of trading tools that really work for both parties, the followers and the Signal Providers. The Autocopy feature, which enables its users to automatically duplicate another Signal Provider’s activity and investment decisions, has shown a steady growth and its success rate has significantly grown since its launch. GOLDENTRADER social trading system allows anyone to become a professional trader and helps you make wise investment decisions.

How can I choose the most suitable Signal Provider?

Since the GOLDENTRADER features is all about making sure its users receive a professional and transparent services, each Signal Provider’s portfolio, strategy, track record, risk score and win ration is available for all followers to scrutinize. This enables the followers to have all the necessary information they need in order to make an informed decision and choose the Signal Provider wisely.

How can I become a Follower and start copying a Signal Provider?

The Autocopy feature is easily accessible for both new and already experience users. Anyone who wishes to utilize the social trading services has to first open a trading account with our affiliate broker. As soon as the trading account is up and running, the user then registers on GOLDENTRADER website and links his/her MT4 account with a chosen Signal Provider. The linked trading account will then copy every move the Signal Provider makes in real time.

Where can followers monitor their trades?

Each follower can monitor the status of his/her or her trading account on the MT5 platform by inserting an investor’s password, which will be provided to each follower via email.

How to stop using GOLDENTRADER services?

Whether you are Signal Provider of follower you may stop utilizing GOLDENTRADER at any time by sending an email to info@goldentrader.my.